STEM with your Regular Curriculum

It is time which we invest in present builds our Future, and it's the time again, which we only invest if we learn from it, and we only learn when we do something. No one in this world can teach anyone, it is the curiosity of the one that drive the wheel of life to success. 

We don't teach lesson or make you learn the facts, we will make you observe and give you the direction to Ask why, we cant teach you, but we can show you the direction, and that direction, is Questioning the nature and finding the mystery by yourself, with practical learning, you don't mug up the fact, rather you understand why it is important to you, in your journey to success.

What we Cover through out the year.

It is very Simple to understand, whatever your Current grade is, we will deliver the project based learning for the same curriculum. 

But here comes the catch, students have a capability more than we think, if they enjoy learning, they learn and create things that you even we can't imagine as a parent or mentor.

That is why, with project based learning mentioned above, we add things that makes students fall in love with Science and Mathematics, with 3D DESIGNING and PRINTING followed by UNDERSTANDING of how humans have created Intelligent Machine (Computer) and how CODING was developed and invented, how humans reached the moon with Science behind Orbits and how GPS works with just a simple logic of Circle, Rocketry with AERO MODELLING and DRONES are the Craziest thing today, and with ASTRONOMY students dive into the Actual Heaven and learn about heaven Deeply, we even guide KIDS with BREIF HISTORY OF TIME and FANTASY IN THE WORLD OF QUANTUM PHYSICS. 

From all about Investments, to how to become an entrepreneur, what are venture capitalist and most of above all, how to earn (The biggest missing part of our Education system), with this we will also figure out how taxes works.


Q1. We have a huge syllabus to cover, how these Activities fit in our Childs Schedule?

A very nice and Curious question and concern, and here is the solution, we don't make our kids move in two boats, rather our Project based learning is on their regular curriculum only, which helps them to learn for life by doing it, not by mugging up through out the year ( this actually makes syllabus heavy, mugging up again and again, throughout the year ) Actually Syllabus is very less, just 3 months time, rest to time if we make our child learn with fun, and note this point "making them FUTURE proof" is the best gift we can give to our younger generation.

Q2. Practical learning is going to be very Costly, as it requires things to buy and there is a chance of damage as well. How can we make it under the budget?

When STEM VEDAS started, this was our biggest concern as well, and we worked on it continuously, and here is our Solution for that, for ROBOTICS + CODING + 3D DESINGING we just need Laptop and mobile ( that we all have now days ) 

How a student can make 3D design using Mobile ( answer is CLOUD designing, means mobile processor don't have the power to process such an heavy task, so it done on very powerful server, where commands are been given by us to create a design, called Cloud designing), Example, phones are not capable of playing PUBG or FREE FIRE in their mobile due to high processing, it is all CLOUD GAMING, we do the same, we do CLOUD DESINGING.

So for the above things no new investment we have to do, and now for practical activity we mentioned, our RESEARCH TEAMS making the same project from household things without even damaging them, or they may cost very less. 

For rocketry we just need Coke waste bottles and cycle tire pressure valve ( 1rs only) and small amount of PVC pipes, 

In short, 95% of our STEM curriculum don't require and kind of extra investment, all it wants is a time to learn.

Now 5 % is DRONES and AEROMODELLING, yes it is very Costly, but if done in a group of 5, amount can be divided. And the best part is they learn and start loving science and math very deeply.

Q3 Where do you Focus more on, Regular Academics or STEM, but at year end it is the Marks of our child that matters the Most to us?

Again a very nice Question, we focus on "Regular ACADEMICS with STEM being a CATALYST ( which Increases the efficiency of work) to make student a thinker, not just a marksheet holder. 

Throughout the year we will conduct test (ACADEMICS as well as LOGICAL type), students will get Assignments to do as well. 

In simple words, we are doing the regular Academics just we made it far better with STEM into it.

Q4 With STEM what will your Fees ?

It is JUST Rs.3500/Month

It includes SCIENCE and MATHS all types of STEM ACTIVITIES mentioned above.

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