STEM VEDAS was established with the aim to revolutionize STEM education with regular academics all over the world.

This journey has brought us many breakthrough  and there is still a long way to go.

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Our Story

The idea was to question the fundamental approach to education and how to make it more effective, what’s the objective and expected outcome of years of learning, is it to acquire degrees or is it about knowledge that sails you through the curve of life? In fact, when we realized education is all about growth mindset that can be achieved via integrated STEM education, we were sure that this is the way ahead!

Ever since then we haven’t stopped !. Began with the first batch of few students and have impacted over hundreds of students by early 2020.  Our students have achieved glory at National Level competitions. But, the greatest achievement has been about bringing back the joy of learning to the classroom where students create, ideate and solve relevant problems confidently and patiently using the Design Thinking Framework.

Our programs help in developing problem solving, critical thinking , creativity, negotiation through STEM Education integrated with regular academics.

Founder's Message

While we are active about our excursion ahead, we feel glad and favored of how far we have come. We are grateful to every one of our customers – young to old who helped us to remain watchful, we developed quickly with a wide portfolio and connected with school organizations. We thank our group who remained by us in each insane, energizing and novel venture we got and conveyed best outcomes with most extreme network . Hands-on learning  through STEM along with regular academics is still in an early stage for the Indian Instruction Framework. We have far to go. We need each youngster to encounter the enchantment of experiential learning and build up the correct range of abilities to be prepared for his/her developing profession.

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"Everything is theoretically impossible, until it is done.” 

Avinash kumar Singh

Founder, Chairman

Our Vision

To be an organisation of excellence nurturing young generation with 21st century skills and sow the seeds of practical knowledge in students of all ages and super upgrade their profile to help them secure their dreams. 

Our Mission

To create a world where young people are encouraged to celebrate fun and excitement of science and technology, and inspire them to take science and technology based career paths to become tomorrow’s much needed technology leaders. 

Our Leadership