Experience the Right way of Education?

Biggest Question of All time- Why Humans Evolved?

Humans Evolved because they observe and learn from it, and the best part is we humans have Language, by which we share what we learn.

Humans did all things to make their task faster and easier, they made bull cart to reduce effort in walking and taking goods from one place to another more conveniently and in huge amount. Humans didn't stop there, they build Motor Vehicle just by observing and teaching their next generation how they did it. this what education is, transferring knowledge from one generation to another. Humans created Steam engine, reached to modern day bullet train, went in clouds with Aircraft and didn't bounded there, because for humans there is no word like boundary. They made machines to make work easier and today they want to make machine intelligent as well, so that we don't need to tell machine or push any button to activate them.  we are now in a era where humans making their own replica using metals and wires.

Its human curiosity which lead us to here,

Before we start learning anything we must ask few questions to ourselves,

How did few humans changed the world forever, is it the Education they get changed the World or is the way of their observation changed the world, because what they did was never in any book to study.

What is the actual way of learning, is Completing Syllabus and getting marks in exam is what we should call Education or understanding how to grab knowledge from our Nature or surrounding is we should call Education, because ultimately we have to apply it on our surrounding, and if we do some discovery it changes our surrounding forever, like Apple did to newton and his observation did to humanity, we haven't stepped on moon, if newton didn't observed Gravity. 

Its not the Syllabus we should learn, it's the Observation we should do and ask Why on our observation and find solutions is the right way of Education.

We opt Courses instead we should opt Dreams first and learn how to Study, if you know how to study you can learn anything easily and forever. 

What we Teach ...! (Don't read this)

We teach how the concept came into existence, its discovery, and how we found it, because if we know and empathize concept we can apply it whenever required.

We don't teach syllabus and content, we make you Observe and force you to ask why, because we know every student want to know Why this happened not what is this.

Its not the Syllabus that we have to complete in our learning life, its the Right Way of Education, that we should know to make us successful in future when we are hugely asked to implement and perform.